3 Questions Before Signing Up with a LMS

3 Questions to ask before signing up with a landscape business management system

Owning a landscape business can be more efficient when you join a cloud service that caters to the landscape industry. A Software-as-a-Service platform can help you organize your business in one centralized place. Here are three important questions to ask before deciding on a landscape business management system.

How user-friendly and customizable is the system?

Ideally, your landscape management system will let you spend more time thinking about your business than the platform that facilitates it.

A customizable dashboard is an enormous help if it allows you to instantly access the most important information you need about your business. You should be able to easily manage your payroll, bookkeeping, sales, and scheduling.

If the software lets you seamlessly interact with customers and vendors through email or other communications, then it will make your business more powerful by integrating communications with your administrative tools.

How much will the system increase efficiency, productivity, and profits?

The costs of running a landscaping business include equipment, overhead, and marketing. A landscaping industry platform will help you keep your accounting and inventory in order with user-friendly features.

One of the ways that landscaping software can help save time and money is through routing features that allow you to assign work based on personal location. Keeping your crew busy will reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Through email marketing integration you’ll be able to stay in touch with your target market, as clients will be at your fingertips. Informing your most loyal clients through email will help increase brand awareness and sales.

The American landscaping industry has a strong economic outlook with an annual sales growth rate of about 4%, so the user-friendly software will only enhance business growth.

Since over 90% of property owners with yards value landscaping maintenance, there is already a lot of built-in customer satisfaction. You can satisfy customers further by sending them personalized emails.

Does the system provide reports?

Reports are everything when it comes to using cloud services to evaluate your market and business activity. Not only will analytics give you better insight about your landscaping clients, it will give you the chance to study and fine-tune your operations to achieve even better efficiency.

The most modern landscape management software will provide real-time reporting. In other words, you should be able to see order flow and executions as they happen. Ideally, you’ll be able to print out customized reports whenever you want.

Your business will improve both its internal and external communications with the right landscaping SaaS. Employees will be able to give you real-time updates on their project progress, which will allow you to maximize scheduling and sales.

A quality cloud-based software platform like ProfitLion will give you instant access to the data you need to analyze your landscaping operations and market. The beauty of collecting business analytics is that you can compare your company’s data with national stats on the landscaping industry. The software is much more efficient when there’s a minimal learning curve.