4 Must have Features in your Landscape Management Software

4 Must have Features in your Landscape Management Software

A successful landscaping business relies on proper planning and organization as much as it relies on physical labor. Serving customers goes beyond creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes, you must think of ways to improve efficiency, deliver exemplary customer service and manage your team better.

Today, you have access to different Landscape Management Software or an LMS to help you with the organization and planning of your business. Software simplifies tasks such as scheduling, billing, and management of customer feedback. Investing in the right software improves efficiency and reduces the amount of time you have to spend behind a desk. The best part about working with Landscape Management Software is that you can install it on your phone or tablet and work while on the move and save time as you enjoy your favorite features.

Landscape Design

This design feature allows you to give a fast turnaround on design projects; you can complete the sketches on your device, share the design concept and work on customizing it for the client from the comfort of your office. In a world where people are more impatient, the design feature allows you to work faster and engage clients before they change their mind. Designing online also helps you save on resources; you can erase change the design and share it with your clients or team without having to spend money on papers.

Material and Labor Management

The best way to improve efficiency is to have a feature that allows you to manage your materials and labor efficiently. The right software allows you to monitor your projects in real time and identifies the labor and resources required for each project. This feature also helps you budget for material and shop in advance, preventing projects from stalling due to a shortage of materials. After a while, you have data to help you plan your expansion and manage your labor more efficiently.


As your business grows, you will have different teams working on multiple projects simultaneously. Landscape Management Software allows you to plan and allocate routes efficiently. You can assign all the projects in a certain neighborhood to one crew, and reduce the amount of time your employees spend commuting. The routing feature further allows you to monitor the time your employees report to work and the time they spend on each project.

A Mobile App

Landscape Management Software that integrates into your mobile device makes it easy for you to monitor your business on the go. You can respond to customer complaints immediately, get timely updates, attend to emergencies and keep your crew organized. A mobile app makes it easy for you to monitor your business even when you are on vacation.

Eliminate the need for paper trails in your business by investing in a quality Landscape Management Software such as Profitlion. You will enjoy standard business features such as CRM, billing, scheduling, and accounting, plus additional industry-specific features to take your landscaping business to the next level.