4 Ways To Improve Communications With Landscape Management Software

4 Ways To Improve Communications With Landscape Management Software

Landscape management software (LMS) is a decidedly powerful business tool. Not only does it help the owner or manager using it to more effectively manage their own time but it also affords an excellent opportunity for the entire landscape operations team to more efficiently communicate with each other. The benefits come in a variety of ways. With that thought in mind, here is a quick rundown of the most useful connections that this technology allows:

Between Management and Employees

Landscape management software provides an ideal platform for communicating with your employees. If properly implemented, it will allow them to do everything from checking their schedule through noting when supplies are available to seeing customer input about the finished project – all without your direct input. It not only frees up your time but also effectively increases the output of your employees. Without a doubt, it is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Between Employees and Other Employees

The owner or manager of a landscape company cannot oversee every little detail about upcoming or ongoing projects. Instead, they must rely on their employees to a certain extent. The use of an LMS allows employees to plan their schedules with each other without the need for continual management support. Additionally, it allows management to oversee the process without having to unduly interrupt the activities of the employees themselves.

Between You and Your Suppliers

The ordering of supplies and the scheduling of their subsequent delivery by a landscape company owner or manager can take up a considerable amount of time – time that could be spent elsewhere. By using an LMS, they can significantly reduce the ordering process by automating many of the tasks. For instance, basic supplies can be ordered for regular delivery well ahead of time. Not only is this more convenient for your company but also for the vendor. With any luck, you may even be able to negotiate a discount based on the aggregate volume of your orders.

Between You and Your Customers

Most importantly an LMS program will instantly improve the communication between yourself, your staff, and your customers. In particular, mobile apps can keep your on-site managers in constant contact with the client. Which means that both parties are able to make more informed decisions. For example, change orders can be accomplished more easily and on a much more affordable basis. This will make your customer much happier and your bottom line a little better. It is truly is a win-win situation for both you and your customer.

As you can see, there are significant benefits to acquiring and using a landscape management software system. Utilizing one will save you time, effort and aggravation. In short, an LMS is integral to most effectively deploying the human assets of your landscape company. For more information on these and many other ways to improve the communications with an LMS within your landscape management company, please contact us at ProfitLion We can be found online at www.ProfitLion.com or reached directly at 412.539.1187.