5 Reasons You Need A Customized Dashboard For Your Landscape Management Software

Customized Dashboard Landscape Management Software

A landscape management software (LMS) offers a wide range of benefits to a busy landscape business owner or manager. The best ones save time, effort and money while also improving customer service.

Here are five of the most notable reasons why:

More Focus On The Client

A technology-based landscape management software allows a business owner to more efficiently deal with the multitude of small details of the business. Once these are dealt with, the owner or manager can concentrate on more important matters such as helping current clients directly or helping to build the business.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency

Need a tree expert at one job site and a flower pro at another? An LMS will not only help you get all of your employees to more jobs per day but also let you schedule the best employee for each type of job. In fact, the best landscape management software will automatically populate your upcoming jobs with the right people so that you do not have to.

Less Materials Wasted

No landscape company owner or manager likes to materials pile up – and possibly be destroyed – in and around the company warehouse. Instead, they would like to allocate excess materials to an existing or upcoming job. Your landscape management software will let you know what is on-hand so that you waste as little material as possible.

Improved A/R and A/P Systems

Sitting in an office paying bills and sending out invoices are usually two of the chores that a landscape company owner hates the most as they would rather be outdoors doing what they love. Properly utilized, using landscape management software will significantly expedite this process and even allow you to delegate the task to another employee while still maintaining a firm grasp of what is going on with your cash flow.

Better Money Management

As your landscape company grows, you will often have to juggle dozens of payments to vendors, employees and the bank as well as the government. A good LMS will allow you not only pay them on time but also allow you to take advantage of early payment discounts. In short, an LMS can actually pay for itself through careful money management.

The bottom line is that the use of an LMS can help in any number of ways – most notably by keeping your current customers happy. They also increase employee morale as an LMS will help utilize each man’s strength. Finally, they will free up your time from mundane administrative tasks and allow you to focus on your own strengths. For more detailed information on the many benefits of a landscape management system, please contact us at ProfitLion today!