5 Things Landscape Business Owners Like about using Landscape Management Software

Every day, the average landscape business owner must juggle any number of competing tasks while in the workplace. Tasks that not only involve taking care of their customers but also ones that involve managing their employees and their suppliers.

Keeping all those “balls in the air” can be a difficult and time-consuming task. However, the use of some high-tech software – specifically, a landscape management software (LMS) – can significantly facilitate the process. Here are five reasons that the most effective landscape business managers turn to this technology and love it:

First, the Software Improves Client Satisfaction

The first real benefit of landscape management software is the way it can help track every detail of a client project. It does take some effort to properly input the information at the beginning and to otherwise manage this task along the way but, in the long run, the LMS will save you a significant amount of time and effort as you will be able to more effectively manage client issues and not have to revisit them over and over again.

Next, It Facilitates Operational Efficiency

A tech-based landscape management software allows an owner or manager to far more easily deal with a wide variety of mundane tasks. In particular, an LMS facilitates such time-consuming but quite important tasks as client appointments, worker schedules and vendor deliveries. The owner of the company is then freed to concentrate on more important matters such as dealing with current clients or generating new ones.

Then, It Automates The Workflow Process

Getting the right people to the right job site can be problematic if not handled ahead of time. A good LMS will help you schedule your team so that their abilities are better matched to their tasks. The employees are happier, your customers are happier and therefore you are happier. In addition, the LMS can help you more expeditiously fill in positions when someone calls in sick or unexpectedly quits.

Also, It Optimizes the Use of Materials

First and foremost in this regard, an LMS allows a manager to have the proper materials arrive on time and at the right place thus avoiding unproductive time at the job site. Secondly, a properly utilized LMS decreases the spoilage of materials in a number of ways. Less excess materials means less initial costs plus lowered overhead costs for such things as transportation and storage.

Finally, It Minimizes the Paperwork

The vast majority of landscape company owners did not start their business so that they could sit in an office all day. They would rather be outside doing what they love – being outside. The use of an LMS helps them achieve this goal by facilitating everything from quotes and scheduling through invoicing and bill payment. It can even help with ordering and inventory management. It takes some time and effort to initially set up the LMS but, once done, your “office” time will be significantly reduced.

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