5 Ways Electronic Routing Can Benefit Your Landscape Business

Ways Electronic Routing can benefit your Landscape Business

Electronic routing services improve efficiency in your business significantly. You improve productivity; reduce overhead costs; improve punctuality and customer satisfaction and introduce savings that help you offer highly competitive rates.

Electronic routing allows you to manage your fleet better: you can monitor driver movements; collect data on the best routes; observe driver behavior and follow up on maintenance. Investing in landscape management software with an electronic routing feature will change how you do business, with positive effects on your bottom line.


Every route you use presents a unique set of conditions that influence your movement; for example, equipment and material delivery or pick up in some places may be subject to strict regulations to avoid congestion. Electronic routing helps you gather such data for advanced route planning. You can choose the most convenient time slots for different clients, and improve the punctuality of your crew. While this may vary depending on the day or season, you can provide your clients with a work schedule you know you can stick to punctually.
Through electronic routing, you have access to data that helps you consider different factors in your scheduling such as, parking restrictions; driver hours; customer preferences; average road speeds and loading and/or unloading times.

Service Delivery Accuracy

Customers want to work with a landscaping business that can deliver services on time and stay on schedule. This begins with the accuracy of your transport plans; you need to make sure your team and resources required for the job arrive on time. You can improve accuracy through electronic routing by integrating road speed data into your LMS to help you come up with times that are more accurate.
Additionally, you can map out the talent on your team to better match different skills with client demands, depending on their proximity to the landscaping site.


The situation on the road is highly unpredictable even with access routing technology. In case something unexpected happens, your landscape management software will notify you immediately allowing you to communicate with your customers and drivers immediately. You can re-route vehicles and proactively update your customers in real time.

Transparency with Customers

Keeping your customers in the loop at all times creates a culture of transparency, improving their confidence in your landscaping business. Through electronic routing, you can customize communication to your customers using the mediums that suit them best. For example, some will prefer downloading an app for tracking, while others will choose phone, email or SMS alerts. An integrated LMS allows you to automate communication by making it possible for you to adapt the different mediums into the system.

Talent Allocation

Electronic routing in your landscape management software is essential in helping you set limits on the grounds different crewmembers can cover. You can map out both your customers and crew geographically for long-term route simplification. Start by creating a simple visual of your customer density and the travel capabilities of your crew. You can use crew and customer location data to create a circular visual or radius map.
Regardless of the size of your landscaping business, you can use the radius maps to get the most optimal routes for your crew and drivers. Depending on your teams start (home) location and your workload, you can estimate the number of sites they can visit in a day and the time it may take between sites. Through real-time data, you can improve the utilization of your team.

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