6 Mistakes That Kill Your Profits and How LMS Can Help You Avoid Them

6 Mistakes That Kill Your Profits and How LMS Can Help You Avoid Them

Mistakes are a normal part of life and can happen anytime, anyplace, even in the business world. It’s how those mistakes are handled that can often make the difference between a successful, profiting landscaping business and one that’s destined for failure. When we familiarize ourselves with the type of mistakes that can wreak havoc to our profit margins, we are much more likely to avoid making them in the first place.

Landscape Management Software, or LMS for short, is an all in one software solution developed by and made specifically for landscape owners and managers to help them run their business using mobile friendly technology in the field. Using LMS for your business will eliminate many of the common pitfalls and mistakes that can unwittingly kill profit margins.

6 Costly Mistakes Landscape Management Software Can Prevent:

1. Improper routing

Getting to the job site quickly is crucial when it comes to achieving a better landscaping profit margin. If the route scheduler is using outdated methods, such as spreadsheets, whiteboards, or even older software that isn’t current, there’s a good chance your routing process isn’t running as smoothly and efficiently as it should be.

Implementing the use of landscape management software can be a tremendous help for keeping routing and scheduling on track. By knowing exactly where your crews are located enables you to track crew members in real time. With LMS this information is at your fingertips, allowing you to make necessary changes to better optimize your routes.

2. Poorly maintained equipment

While maintaining properly functioning landscaping tools, equipment, and vehicles can be costly, it’s unfortunately a necessary expense. There’s nothing worse than having a vehicle breakdown, or a piece of equipment suddenly stops working while you’re midway through a job.

These embarrassing and expensive problems can greatly be avoided by tracking your equipment maintenance schedule on your LMS system.

3. Being unprepared

Hopefully your crews are ready and eager to start work on a job shortly after arriving at their destination. If not, then your profit margins could be suffering. Bringing the wrong materials, tools, or equipment to the job site, not having enough materials to properly finish the job, or worse yet, forgetting to bring something with you to the site are all examples of not being properly prepared. These issues can be avoided with the use of LMS.

4. Time management

In any business, time is money, so if your crew isn’t managing their time wisely, then you could be losing money.

With the help of LMS, managers can better keep track of the crew to ensure that they’re arriving on time, staying on task, and completing their work.

5. Poor communication

Communication is key to the success or failure of any business. For example, problems with unclear or poorly written work orders may lead to confusion. When this happens, productivity at the work site suddenly comes to a screeching halt.

Orders should be clear, concise, and easily accessible to all members of the team. This is totally possible and achievable using LMS.

6. Paperwork errors

Not only can filling out paperwork be time consuming, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for human error to occur. Think spilled coffee, smudged ink, lost or torn papers, etc.

With LMS, crews can quickly enter and access data on the spot, without the need of a paper trail.

Landscape management software can help you better manage your business, keeping things organized, profitable and relatively mistake free. To learn more about our LMS, contact ProfitLion today!