6 Ways Landscape Management Software Can Benefit Your Business


From a business view point, the landscaping business goes beyond the design aspect. As the owner of such a business, you will quickly need a professional way of obtaining and managing customers, keeping track of progress, accounting, and other important business aspects. Bearing those ideas in mind, opting for a great landscape management software offers a viable solution to manage the day to day aspects of your business.

Allows Integration

Most landscape professionals will opt for an industry-specific software. A great management software for landscapers will come in handy regarding its easy integration with other applications. The integration capability allows a business owner to interlink other useful management applications to access them from one point. Such an approach brings about some organization and easy tracking.


Keeps Track of Customers and Identifies News Leads

Thanks to the integration, a landscaping business owner will have an easy time keeping track of customers through an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) feature. The ease of identifying what each client needs will help in retaining existing customers as well as impress potential ones. Having an integrated CRM in your landscape management software with a mobile app can further allow for on-site updates by team members, to allow for more comprehensive and accurate estimating.


Easy Accounting and Billing

The success of a business depends on its profitability and money handling. Instead of relying on manual details, a landscape management software will give you the peace of mind. With integration and customer tracking, a quick look at the details of a client will show their payment status.


Syncing Across Devices

As the business owner, you want to spend most of the time outdoors meeting your landscaping clients. However, while doing so, it will still be important to know the business progress via a software with a mobile or tablet app with a synchronization feature. On signing into your cloud-based account from any location, a business owner can access all the information stored in the management software.


Quick Scheduling

As you meet clients in the field, things can quickly spiral out of hand regarding upcoming meetings. One can opt to write down notes and schedules in a physical notebook. However, a landscape management software will present efficiency and professionalism. By viewing the schedule dashboard, one can see all upcoming engagements and plan accordingly to avoid the last-minute rush. At the same time, setting reminders in the software will ensure you do not miss appointments.


Track Fieldwork and Team Management

Another important way in which a landscape management can help bolster performance is its easy management of a project team and tracking fieldwork. With the ability to access the cloud-based software from anywhere using any device, you can know the progress of all team members and the state of current projects. Collaborating and sharing of files make it easy to store information and manage clients and crews in one place.

Although the above pointers explain the features and ways that a landscaping business management system can be of help, the integration ability of a landscape management software platform can allow for the integration of additional features. By using a CRM that is specific to the landscape industry, you will have access to a larger picture of your landscape company. If you’re interested in learning how landscape management software can help your business, contact ProfitLion for a demo today.