6 Ways to Increase Your Profits With LMS

If you run a landscaping company, then you know how important efficiency and organization are in the success of your business. It’s why you should strongly consider implementing a landscape management software into your operations. Doing so can provide your business with any number of long-term benefits. In fact, there are several ways in which the use of landscape management software could potentially help to increase your profits. The following are six examples of how landscape management software can save money and increase profits:

1. Improve inventory control

Landscape management software allows you to maintain an inventory of your tools and equipment. Not only will you be able to see what you have at a glance (and accurately assess what new tools and equipment are needed when figuring out your budget), but you can make employees more accountable for keeping track of the tools and equipment they use so nothing gets lost or misplaced.

2. Prevent equipment from breaking down

You can set up an equipment maintenance schedule using your landscape management software. This prevents equipment from breaking down while in use, which can cause issues completing a job on time and delay other jobs scheduled for that day. Not to mention that by maintaining your equipment regularly, you can help prevent the need for costly repairs and replacements.

3. Create time-saving schedules and routes

How you schedule your jobs and the routes your employees take has a huge impact on the efficiency of your company. Using landscape management software, you can appoint certain jobs to different teams based on location, minimizing how far they have to travel from one job to another. You could save so much time properly planning out your schedules and routes that you may be able to fit additional jobs into your daily schedule.

4. Save time to put towards other facets of your business

The time you save through the organizational power of landscape management software can be put towards other facets of your business, such as your marketing efforts, which, in turn, can help bring in more business.

5. Improve accessibility to customers

You want to be as accessible as possible for your customers. The use of mobile-friendly landscape management software makes it easy for repeat customers to schedule landscape work at the touch of a button and to input specific directions about their landscape so that your team has access to everything that they need to know before they begin a job. Such accessibility helps make things much more convenient and improves the customer service that you provide (making it more likely that they will continue working with you).

As a result of being more accessible, customers will be more happy with their interactions and the work being done, which will lead to them referring your service to their friends and neighbors.

6. Avoid paying for lost time

Landscape management software makes it much easier to track how often your employees come to work late and leave early, as well as how often they take off work. It will be easier to review absences and tardiness, therefore, it will be easier to enforce an absence and tardiness policy so that you can avoid paying for time not spent working.

These are six ways that you can increase your profits by reducing inefficiencies and attracting more business through the use of landscape management software. For information about our landscape management software and how implementing it could benefit your business, be sure to contact us at Profit Lion today.