Best Practices for Using an LMS

Best Practices for Using an LMS

The best landscape management software or LMS will give you the tools you need to run your business efficiently while empowering you to maximize the LMS features. While looking for an LMS provider, you need to find someone who offers a full-service system, customizable to your needs, with additional services such as team training for your team.

Once you invest in an LMS, you need to understand all the features available and their application to your unique landscape business needs, to benefit from your investment.

The Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a different perspective on your business, by allowing you to control its outlook. You have easy access to all the information you need to run your business smoothly such as employee data, equipment allocation, and finances.

With a customizable dashboard, you can get the landscape management software adapted to your mobile needs.
Departments like sales and estimating can easily share information on the system, improving communication and collaboration, and you have an easier time getting insight into everything happening in the business.

Resource Management

With proper training and support, you can customize your LMS to help you with resource allocation, distribution and outsourcing. You can have reminders set to help you outsource your raw materials or labor in advance, improving service delivery. The data you collect over time can help you optimize your resources, identify waste, and prevent missteps on ongoing jobs.
You can also use the data to bargain with your supplier, or even engage new suppliers who might give you wholesale prices and/or discounts.

Business Reporting

Before installing a landscape management software, you have very little control over the information coming your way.

You rely on word of mouth and paper records that you can easily lose over time.

This affects the accuracy of the information coming your way, and your ability to make the right decision to grow your landscaping business.
A landscape management software improves reporting accuracy, giving you access to data that greatly improves the quality of decisions you make. You can forecast profitability for your landscaping business, predict earnings, labor and resource cost and even to plan for expansion.
Reports also give you better access to opportunities, such as financing and partnerships with other service providers in your area who need a landscaper.

Time Management

Improve time management in your landscaping business by ensuring your crew uses time as efficiently as possible.
Track the movement of your crew, access their locations and assign them jobs accordingly. This will reduce commute times, allowing your employees to stay productive at work and possibly cut down on your transportation cost.
Your LMS is a powerful addition to your landscaping business; it can improve working conditions for your crew, motivating them to perform better.

Email Marketing

The best landscape management software interface helps you apply customer data to your email marketing efforts to improve returns.
Encourage your sales team to work with estimators to target potential customers, offer incentives and ensure current customers keep coming back.
Use a landscape management software to target your leads and improve the quality of your marketing message.
This will improve conversions and your overall growth.

Mobile Accessibility

Get real-time updates on the go with a landscape management software customizable to your mobile needs.
You can access estimates, allocate tasks on the go, respond to customer concerns and ensure smooth running while on the go.

Does An All In One Solution Exist?

ProfitLion offers you a comprehensive landscape management software solution, with support services to help you maximize your potential.

The ProfitLion is the best landscape management software that responds to your needs and adopts to accommodate your changing business environment.