5 Ways Electronic Routing Can Benefit Your Landscape Business

April 30, 2018

Electronic routing services improve efficiency in your business significantly. You improve productivity; reduce overhead costs; improve punctuality and customer satisfaction and introduce savings that help you offer highly competitive rates.

More than Just an LMS

April 24, 2018

While looking to grow your landscaping business, you will come across different technology-based solutions with big promises. While some offer beneficial solutions to your business, most of them are simply selling you empty promises. Before investing in landscape management software (LMS), think of your immediate and future business needs and the offer from the LMS […]

Save Headaches with Landscape Management Software

March 29, 2018

As a landscape business owner, you are responsible for pretty much everything. Landscapers must manage the schedules of on-going maintenance, seasonal specialty care, and design services for new clients.

Your Landscape Business Needs An Account Manager

March 20, 2018

No landscaper opens a business so he can sit behind a desk all day, Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens to the more successful ones. Instead of being outdoors doing what they love – that is, getting their hands dirty – they end up doing paperwork.

Best Practices for Using an LMS

February 22, 2018

The best landscape management software or LMS will give you the tools you need to run your business efficiently while empowering you to maximize the LMS features. While looking for an LMS provider, you need to find someone who offers a full-service system, customizable to your needs, with additional services such as team training for […]

Labor Management Is Essential In Your Landscape Managment Software

December 21, 2017

In a growing landscape business, you need to start looking at your employees as human capital: everyone on your team provides economic value to the company through their abilities, skills, and knowledge. In most cases, you will find that 50 to 70 percent of your expenses go to your employees. Reframing your approach to labor […]

The Differences Between A General CRM and Industry Specific LMS

December 14, 2017

Once you decide to invest in management software for your landscaping business, you will come across different options in the market. Some developers will offer a general Customer Relationship Management, or CRM you can customize to your needs while others will offer an industry-specific Landscape Management Software (LMS). While both software offer services and solution […]

3 Questions Before Signing Up with a LMS

November 17, 2017

Owning a landscape business can be more efficient when you join a cloud service that caters to the landscape industry. A Software-as-a-Service platform can help you organize your business in one centralized place. Here are three important questions to ask before deciding on a landscape business management system.

4 Must have Features in your Landscape Management Software

November 9, 2017

A successful landscaping business relies on proper planning and organization as much as it relies on physical labor. Serving customers goes beyond creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes, you must think of ways to improve efficiency, deliver exemplary customer service and manage your team better.

How Landscape Management Software Can Measure Your Profitability

September 26, 2017

Investing in landscape management software can really change things in your business and open you up to more opportunities with existing clients and new prospects. In the beginning, landscape management software will help you solve challenges you experience, especially in administration, as your business grows. Once you streamline basic tasks such as payments, accounting, and […]