Cracking the Landscape Management Software Code

While landscape management software (LMS) is a powerful tool, it does take some effort to understand. The owner or manager of a landscape business needs only to invest some time and effort to understand the software at the beginning to get the most benefit out of it. With that thought in mind, here are just a few tips suggestions for breaking the landscape management software code:

First, get some hands-on training

Essentially all client software is written to be as user-friendly as possible. Still, the most sophisticated ones – read that, as the most valuable ones – can be difficult to decipher without some actual hands-on training. A business owner or manager should book a one-on-one training session with a skilled representative of the company selling them the software. Seriously, a single half-day spent in this way can save weeks of time and effort in the future.

Next, involve your in-house team

It pays to have multiple people – at all levels of an organization – look at a piece of software before making a final decision on whether or not it is appropriate to use in your business and to purchase it. This process should not be confined to just the final decision makers. Instead, it should really be extended to those employees who will be the primary end-users. Make sure everyone is on board – and not everyone will be – to help drive home why training on your landscape management software is important.

Then, lean on your software team

Your software should work for you. You need to make sure if your landscape management software has the function and systems you need in place to do business. Make sure it has the right features and new features can be added as needed. As you expand your business, your software should grow with you.

In the end, do your research first

You’re busy. We know! So it’s important to do your research well before actually implementing your software. The winter is typically a good time to start your research for the best landscape management software. You’ll want at minimum a month to test out your landscape management software within your company. Make sure you try and budget your research time accordingly. The last thing you want to do is start your landscape management software in the height of your busy season.

Your landscape management software should work for you. Make sure you take the time necessary to create a robust system that will be able to work as you need it right now, and also have the ability to grow as you expand your services and grow your landscape business.

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