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Computer with dashboard mockup


1. Customizable Dashboard

By changing the scope of the way you look at your business, you are in the driver’s seat for your business outlook. At your fingertips, find the information you need to manage your business. From equipment and labor force management to bookkeeping and sales information, the ProfitLion dashboard gives you control of your data.



Bags of Seed or Other Material

2. Labor & Material Management

Optimize your current material and labor usage by having the data to back up your decisions. Schedule and allocate resources directly from ProfitLion. In real time, you can see as projects are added, the supplies and labor force needed for the job, saving you headaches down the road. See your entire material inventory right in front of you. Budget and allocate your materials by job or by crew so your business runs more efficiently.


Manilla Folder with report

3. In-depth reporting

Data is the real king here. See your business in real time and use that data to forecast the future profitability of your landscape business. Choose the reports you want to see and customize your reports for future earnings potential.

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Map with Waypoint Markers

4. Routing

Mobilize your crews by the most efficient use of their time and their drive time. Assign jobs by crew or by location. Reduce downtime and maximize the potential of your crews.



5. Email Marketing

No need to add data separately, use the ProfitLion interface and apply customer data to your email marketing efforts. Have your sales and estimators work collaboratively to target your potential customers with incentives and keep your current customers up to date on new product and service lines.

Phone with Charts

6. On the Go Mobile App

Eliminate the need for a paper trail and get real-time updates from your crews. Estimates and job specific information is now available in your contractor’s hands. Keep your crews organized in the field. Resolve customer requests in the field by having the project information with your crew chief. By allowing them access to make notes on projects in the field, you’ll have the ability to see your business in action.