Five Tips From Landscape Business Owners About Using ProfitLion

If you are the owner of a busy landscape company, there are a number of reasons to use a landscape management software (LMS). Not only will an LMS help you with your current customers but it will help you to gain many more new ones. Here are five ways to most effectively integrate landscape management software into your landscape business.

Develop a Better Bidding Process

There are dozens of factors that are incorporated into the bid of any landscape project. An LMS can give you quick and easy access to all of the numbers needed to process a bid – even if you are still standing in the prospect’s yard. In fact, this access can allow you to deliver the final price in a far more expedient manner than your competitors. It could just be the tiebreaker that gets you the job instead of them.

More Efficiently Deploy Your Labor Force

An LMS provides an excellent tool for scheduling your work teams. Not only will they know where they should be on any given day without having to directly consult with you but they will also know where they should head after the current project is finished. Lastly – and a not inconsequential benefit – is that your time as an owner will also be enhanced. Instead of dealing with minor scheduling headaches, you will be free to interact with your customers and otherwise devote your time to growing your business.

More Accurately Track Your Material and Deliveries

Keeping track of new orders and their subsequent delivery can be a very time-consuming task for the owner of a landscape company. The use of an LMS significantly simplifies and expedites the process. Not only can you track the progress of a delivery, you can also schedule automated payments. In addition, excess materials not used in previous projects can be entered into the system – and then used later – thus lowering costs on future projects.

Better Monitor Customer Satisfaction

The bottom line for creating and maintaining a successful landscape business is keeping the customers satisfied. An LMS can truly help management to understand what their customers want and whether or not their company is delivering it. An LMS will prompt you when to follow-up on a “one-off” project as well as when to contact customers about ongoing maintenance jobs. In short, it serves as a digital datebook that improves customer services while also reducing the amount of administrative work you have to do.

Better Manage Your Own Priorities

One of the privileges of running your own company is being able to make your own schedule. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of running the business can outweigh your own desires. Instead of being in the great outdoors planting trees and flowers or building decks and other outdoor installations, you can become trapped in the office. A well-planned and implemented landscape management software from Profit Lion can significantly reduce this problem and leave you free to do what you want to do.

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