Get Personalized Support with Landscape Management Software

Get personalized Support with landscape management software

Effective landscape businesses increasingly rely on landscape management software solutions. It’s not a matter of reinventing the wheel—it’s a question of making sure you have the right tools available to serve your employees and customers.

Why personalize?

There are a few key reasons why every landscaping business should at least consider investing in a personalized landscape management software.


If the way you do business differs substantially from the way a piece of software expects you to do business, the information it provides may be all but useless. Make sure your landscape management software is working for you. Organization is the key to the game here and if you are stuck in several windows and pop-ups to get to the feature you need, you need a simpler way of achieving your day to day tasks.

Feature Bloat

When managers and other employees have too many unnecessary features in front of them, it slows down productivity. It also slows the process of training new personnel, slows your software down, and creates new opportunities for headaches with each update. Additionally, make sure that you can turn off or on any features that you want or don’t need at the moment. For instance, you are not going to need snow and plow data entry in the middle of July. Your landscape management software should be adaptable, but also, able to grow with your business as you add new services for your customers.

Adjusting Business To The Software

Many businesses using off-the-shelf landscape management software end up adjusting their businesses in subtle or not-so-subtle ways to make the software more convenient. However, this is often a colossal waste of effort; it’s far easier to make sure your software matches your business than to change everything else to match your software.

What Personalization Entails

Software Tailored To How You Do Business

When you open up your software to a given feature, it should present you with a screen that makes sense for the way you operate. It should take the information you input, and produce a result you can use without additional calculation or consideration. It should be a tool that fits your business, period.

Features You Need

Custom landscape management software should also include features which other businesses may not need. If you keep track of worker data in a unique way, or operate primarily through mobile devices, or need extra security, personalized software should deliver what you need to operate without shortcuts or half-measures.

Compatibility with other technology you use

If you already have other tools you depend upon for logistics, admin, payroll, communication, or bookkeeping, your personalized software should be compatible where necessary with those existing tools. Anything which can be automated in the communication between two key pieces of software should be; you shouldn’t need to use manual workarounds or give up on favorite toolsets.

What you stand to gain

Day-to-day operations, long-term goal management, new training, and upkeep of software all represent potential improvements to profits.

Improved team efficiency

When people spend less time-fighting software that doesn’t quite do what it needs to do, your company benefits. Not only will your team be able to do more in less time, they’ll do so with less confusion and fewer mistakes.

Goal assessment

It’s much easier to establish and pursue key goals for your business when you tools to place pertinent data at your fingertips. When software doesn’t match your needs exactly and doesn’t integrate with your other tools, you simply cannot get the details necessary to make information work for you.

Easier training of new personnel

Not only does your landscape management software help cull useless features that waste time during training, a well-personalized suite can help new employees understand the way you do business.

Opportunities For Growth

Personalized landscape management software, creates a number of opportunities to cut costs and improve efficiency. Figure out what you need out of your digital tools, then find out what it will take to make that happen. It’s almost always going to be worth the investment. Make sure your landscape management provider understands your needs before you sign up. If you’re interested in learning more about landscape management software, contact ProfitLion today for a demo of our software and find out how we can help your business grow.