How Landscape Management Software Can Measure Your Profitability

How Landscape Management Software Can Measure Your Profitability

Investing in landscape management software can really change things in your business and open you up to more opportunities with existing clients and new prospects. In the beginning, landscape management software will help you solve challenges you experience, especially in administration, as your business grows. Once you streamline basic tasks such as payments, accounting, and scheduling, you can explore the software more and use it to grow your business.

Some of the roles your landscape management software can play in growing your business include:

Workload Management

As your workload increases, you need software that helps you accurately estimate the amount of time a job will take, so you can manage your clients better and give them realistic expectations. You also do not want to risk losing a potential client because you cannot schedule their job on request. Landscape management software makes it easy to accommodate scheduling requests from clients. The master schedule feature includes one-time large-scale projects and recurring jobs in one area so you can see a complete schedule of your crews.


Customer Experience

Customer service must be a priority for your landscaping business at all times. You must look for ways to engage with your clients, communicate with them and listen to their concerns. Through landscape management software, you can improve the customer experience by automating the process and reducing the response time. A better customer experience encourages referrals and repeat business.



In addition to streamlining your administrative unit, landscape management software can help you improve your marketing without hiring a professional marketer. While communicating to your clients, you can easily filter lists and segment customers to avoid spamming their email. This allows you to customize a message for each client, increasing engagement and the overall reputation of your business. For example, you can set up an email to encourage gardening clients to check for weeds after a certain period with simple DIY tips to help them stop the weed from spreading.

Email automation will save you from having to peruse through lists every time you need to send out a marketing email, allowing you to focus more on content that will help you encourage return business.


As you grow your business, you will have more customers and prospects demanding your attention. The nature of the landscape business means that you will often spend a lot of time in the field, without direct access to this information. However, landscape management software, available on your mobile device, gives you access to information all the time so you can respond to your clients’ needs on demand.

Resource Optimization

Landscape management software improves your ability to manage your resources for better decision making. You can schedule and allocate resources remotely, and ensure your clients get the best service possible at all times. This way, adding new clients to a busy schedule becomes easy. It further allows you to develop a system that makes expanding the business a breeze.


Landscape management software is an investment you will enjoy having in your business. It helps you improve efficiency and interact better with customers, who serve as your primary marketers. With software like Profitlion, you can save time and money, increasing your profitability. You also get to dedicate more time to attracting new business and improving the customer experience.