How to Manage Your Landscape Labor Force

How to Manage Your Landscape Labor Force

Keeping track of the employees of your landscaping company can be somewhat of a challenge since they are going to be out in the field working for much of the day. Odds are you tend to be somewhat understanding if an employee is five minutes later due to traffic, however, timekeeping is still very important. You don’t want your employees to make a habit of running late, nor do you want them to take advantage of you. For this reason, you should use a lawn care software to track when your employees are late, how late they are, whether they show up or not, and how often they are late to work or missing work.

The Importance of Timekeeping

The following are some of the main reasons why accurate timekeeping is so important:

  • You’re paying for lost time – While it’s understandable if an employee is a few minutes late once in a while, if they are consistently late it adds up. You’re paying for that time that they aren’t working if you’re not tracking it.
  • You could be losing work – If an employee doesn’t show up for work, you’re going to have to find a way to work around their absence. If you can’t get someone else in to cover them, you could be left shorthanded which can affect your ability to complete the jobs you have scheduled for that day. You could be forced to reschedule one of your jobs–and if this happens enough, it can affect your reputation and cause you to lose work.

Reasons To Use a Lawn Care Software for Timekeeping

While you may understand the reason why timekeeping is so important, you may not quite see the point of using a lawn care software to do it. After all, there are many methods of timekeeping that you can implement. The following are a few reasons why you should specifically use lawn care software for your timekeeping tasks:

  • Review tardiness and absences – With lawn care software, you can easily track when your employees are late or absent as well as pull up their tardiness and absentee records to determine whether it has become a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Enforce tardiness and absence policy – It can be helpful to implement a tardiness and absence policy. For example, you can assign points each time they are late or absent (with or without calls) and then establish that a certain amount of points results in a suspension or being let go. Enforcing such consequences will help keep your employees on time and in line.
  • Improve morale – It can hurt the morale of employees who are always on time and who always show up when they see that coworkers are getting away with showing up late, leaving early, or not showing up at all. Knowing that you are timekeeping will improve their morale.
  • Reinforce good habits – Since you can identify employees who are always on time, you can also let them know that you aware of this and keep them motivated to continue showing up on time.
  • Avoid paperwork clutter – Timekeeping by hand is inconvenient to say the least and makes it difficult to review employee absentee and tardiness histories.
  • Prevent time clock fraud – Time clocks don’t work much better since employees can get by such timekeeping methods.

As you can see, timekeeping is essential to ensuring that your lawn care company is running smoothly and efficiently–and the most effective form of timekeeping is through the use of a lawn care software. For more information about our landscape management software’s capabilities, contact us at ProfitLion today.