Labor Management Is Essential In Your Landscape Managment Software

Labor management is essential in your landscape managment software

In a growing landscape business, you need to start looking at your employees as human capital: everyone on your team provides economic value to the company through their abilities, skills, and knowledge. In most cases, you will find that 50 to 70 percent of your expenses go to your employees. Reframing your approach to labor management can help you invest properly in human capital to the benefit of your landscaping business. Integrating landscape management software with a labor-management feature goes a long way in helping you understand your employees better and work towards improving their value.

Personnel Challenges

Often, your growing landscape business will have a hard time finding the right talent to fill different positions and the best managers for different teams. Once you find the right talents, you must continually come up with activities to keep your team engaged and create structures that encourage personal growth. In the day-to-day running of the business, you must manage wages, calculate working hours and ensure you have a list of reliable temporary workers you can call on when your workload increases.

A Labor Database

Your landscape management software collects data for every person you engage, which you can access from anywhere. You have a list of people on your team, their contact information, a summary of their skills and the number of hours they put into the company. While looking to invest in human capital for your landscaping business, you can use these databases to analyze the skill set you have and identify training opportunities to improve your team.

You can set growth targets for your employees and track progress on the LMS; your managers can easily follow up with individuals to ensure you all grow as a team. Your database is also useful in helping you assess your human capital. You can look at everyone on your team as an investment, evaluate their contribution to your landscaping business and help them become more productive.

Resource Allocation

Every job you do requires a certain amount of labor force. Your LMS helps you assess the labor force you need for each job and allocate individual employees to specific sites.

Instead of the traditional whiteboard, the LMS allows you to make allocations automatically and update changes when necessary. Your team members receive automatic notifications on email or via text updating them on changes you make on job allocation.

Payroll Management

Retaining the best landscaping talent on your team begins with timely payment. When you have a growing team and several jobs running concurrently, the labor-management feature on your LMS helps you track individual hours, calculate weekly and monthly wages and even disburse payments.

Your employees log into the system once they report to a site, your supervisors check it and approve the logged hours, the data is sent to your accounting team for processing, the payroll is sent to the management team for authorization and the money is released. The workflow runs smoothly, giving you a happy team.

Employee Satisfaction

A labor management feature in your LMS gives you access to data you can use to improve employee satisfaction. For example, you can create automatic alerts to help you send birthday gifts on time or even reminders to allow you to give employees time off to attend to an important event such as their kid’s graduation. Taking advantage of your LMS to improve employee satisfaction can help you improve retention rates.
An LMS with a labor-management feature such as Profitlion is a necessity in a growing landscape business. You must take advantage of the feature to invest in your human capital. Contact us today and learn more about how ProfitLion can assist your landscape business.