Landscape Management Software Can Grow Your Business

How Landscape management software can grow your business

Getting your landscaping business off the ground was just the beginning. Now it’s up to you to help your business grow. Landscape management software can provide the platform you need to deliver better results to your clients and more efficiency to your team.

Here’s a look at how this software can help your business evolve into a large-scale operation:

  1. Improved Resource Management – Whether it’s personnel or raw materials, landscape management software gives you a complete view of your resources and helps you allocate them effectively. With better information at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions about what to move and when.
  2. Team Routing Tools – The greatest challenge to any company with multiple crews on the road is ensuring that your teams are routed quickly and efficiently from one job site to the next with minimal overlap and backtracking. Dynamic routing capabilities mean that this software is able to find the best possible solution to the puzzle based on real-time reporting of your teams’ activities and movements. Future projections help you plan out the rest of your day.
  3. Customer Outreach – The best way to grow your business is to make it easier for customers to reach you. With our built-in email marketing tools and apps, it is easier than ever to say hello to your customers. It is also possible for your team to quote jobs, gather customer information and relay all of this to your main office. This means that your customers are not falling through the cracks or getting lost in a stack of paperwork. Better results in less time.
  4. Instant Feedback – By creating your own customized dashboard you can get the feedback you need in just seconds. You can track a wide variety of information as soon as you log in including:
  • Costs
  • Labor
  • Productivity
  • and more!

With so many helpful features, it is easy to see how landscape management software can help your company grow in very little time. By having a better understanding of how your teams are working, and providing them with better tools for reaching customers, you can start expanding into new areas and making a positive impression in your market. If you’ve been living with paper receipts and manual routing, it’s time to upgrade to a system that can take the confusion out of your routine and streamline your entire business. This will save you time and money so you can focus on your customers instead.