Landscape Management is Going Mobile

Back in the day, landscape management was not a very efficient process. If you ran a landscaping company, you would have to go back to the office in order to access information about jobs, scheduling, payments, and more. This could cause a lot of delays in communication as well as general miscommunication, both of which make the landscaping business inefficient. However, now that mobile-friendly landscape management software is available, you can greatly improve the efficiency and convenience of your company, both for you and your team as well as for your customers. The following are just a few benefits of being able to implement a mobile-friendly landscape management application:

1. Send invoices

Instead of having to wait for a bill to come in the mail, customers can receive an invoice immediately following the completion of a service. This makes life much more convenient for your customers since they will be able to pay right away if they so desire.

2. Provide on-the-spot quotes

Your team will be able to use your landscape management software to provide accurate quotes to your customers on the spot instead of having to call your office to determine what the costs will be. This helps make your business run much more efficiently and will make your customers much happier.

3. Schedule jobs in real time

Instead of waiting for your crew to get back from their last job in order to assign them another job, you can schedule jobs in real time while your crew is out in the field. You’ll be able to identify what crews will be done with current jobs and what crews will be closest to your new customer. This makes it easy to schedule a job right away to your next available crew, which means that they can go straight to their next job site once they finish up.

4. Take payments on site

With a mobile landscape management software, you can allow your customers to pay through a mobile app. This makes life much easier for customers since they can pay your crew the moment that they finish up the job instead of having to pay check or cash–or to pay their bill later. Customers can also pay late simply because they’ve forgotten. With a mobile option, they are much more likely to pay right away out of convenience.

5. Access job specs immediately

Your crew is doing multiple jobs every day. Instead of having to remind them what the specifics of a job are (or require that they carry around paperwork with notes on them), they can simply look the specs up on their phones. This also helps avoid costly mistakes–the last thing you want is for your crew to do something that the customer specifically asked them not to do due to simple miscommunication. By being able to access job specs on their phones, your crew will be able to do their jobs more effectively and you’ll be able to keep your customers happy as a result.

These are just a few benefits of having a mobile-friendly landscape management software. For information about our mobile-friendly landscape management, which is highly customizable to the needs of your landscaping business, be sure to contact us at ProfitLion today.