Landscape Management Software Can Make Your Business More Organized

Landscape Management Software Can Make Your Business More Organized

Keeping things organized is essential to running a successful business. In fact, a messy operation can be a death sentence for smaller businesses. The more hoops you have to jump through each day the less time you’ll have to provide excellent service and grow your customer base. Fortunately, there’s a solution: landscape management software (LMS). Here’s how landscape management software can help you organize your business.

See What You Need To See

Every business owner has a different management style, and your software should reflect that. Landscape management software allows you to pick and choose exactly what information you want to prioritize and how you want it presented. This keeps you from spending all your time digging through pages unnecessary information and lets you get straight to the point.

Stay Connected On The Job

Landscape management has you on the go a lot. Generally, the less time you have to spend at the office the better. Landscape management software allows you to perform many essential tasks from your smartphone without having to go all the way back to the office. For example, with mobile management software, you can update estimates, get status reports from crews out in the field, and access your schedule.

Get Centralized Access To Customer Information

Being able to access important customer information such as without digging around in multiple places is important. Not only does it speed up your work, but it also keeps things more accurate. Having information scattered about in different places can easily lead to information ending up in the wrong file. It’s not a good look for your business when you accidentally give customers incorrect information or start a project only to realize that there was a miscommunication. That kind of sloppiness can tank your reputation fast.

Get Your Crews Where They Need To Go

It may seem like a small detail, but routing your crews efficiently can lead to big savings for you and a better experience for your customers. Without some sort of management software, directing multiple crews at a time can be hit and miss. With landscape management software, you can always know where your people are at and your people can always know where to go next without you having to spend all your time directing them.

Streamline Your Inventory Management

Inventory management can be a big headache without specialized software. When a shipment of materials isn’t noted, you end up not being able to accurately plan for future jobs. When a requisition isn’t properly entered into the database, you can end up in situations where you just don’t have what you need to get the job done. Both of these mistakes must be avoided at all costs. LMS can make the process of updating your inventory significantly easier so you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

These are just a few of the ways that landscape management software can help you keep your business organized. For more information on how LMS can help you grow your business, please contact us at ProfitLion today. You can find us online at or give us a call at 412.539.1187.