Landscapers Are Going Mobile

Landscapers Are Going Mobile

When it comes to running a landscaping business, there are a lot of details to keep track of, address, and organize. Good landscape management software will help you do that, but because of the nature of the business (landscaping crews are constantly on the go), it’s important that you make sure that your landscaping software is mobile-friendly.

In fact, everything you do should be mobile-friendly, from the business software you use to your online marketing efforts. The following are just a few of the major benefits of going mobile:

1. Improve Local Reach

When people search for services, they are much more likely to do it from their smartphones than they are from a desktop. This is simply because they have their smartphones on them at all times. Making sure that your website is mobile-friendly will ensure that you reach these potential customers. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it won’t rank high for mobile SEO, which means that these potential customers won’t find you as easily. By making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, you can make it easy for potential customers in the area to find you and to schedule an appointment as well.

2. Make Your Service More Convenient

Being able to schedule an appointment on their smartphone makes things much more convenient for customers. In fact, it will be even more convenient for return customers whose information you already have. Not to mention that good mobile landscape management software comes with online mobile payment features, which allow customers to pay for your service from their phone with little hassle. This means that they don’t have to wait for a bill to come in the mail or into their inbox to pay, they can just whip out their smartphone the moment your crew finishes their job and pay you on the spot.

3. Track Your Crew

Mobile landscape management software will allow you to see where your crew is working throughout the area. This can be hugely beneficial. Your crews will be able to provide you with real-time updates as to the progress of the job, which makes it easier to assign new jobs. For example, if you get a job request in and your schedule for the day isn’t filled up yet, you can use your mobile software to figure out which crew is closest to the new job site so that you can assign the task more efficiently.

4. Provide Your Crew With Important Information

If you have a lot of contractors working for you, then there’s a bigger risk of miscommunication when it comes to what each customer wants. When assigning jobs to your crews, you can use your mobile landscape software to provide your crews with information regarding the job, such as the basic tasks involved and the special requests made by the customer. Your crew will be able to check this information before the start of every job on location. They’ll also be able to easily track where they need to go next, thereby helping keep everyone organized and on schedule.

It’s estimated that almost 80 percent of landscaping businesses have gone mobile. If you haven’t gone mobile yet, you’re only handicapping your business. Find out how our mobile-friendly landscaping software can benefit your business by contacting us at ProfitLion today.