More than Just an LMS

More than Just an LMS Landscape Management Software ProfitLion

While looking to grow your landscaping business, you will come across different technology-based solutions with big promises. While some offer beneficial solutions to your business, most of them are simply selling you empty promises. Before investing in landscape management software (LMS), think of your immediate and future business needs and the offer from the LMS developer.
There are several things, in addition to functionality, that will make the LMS an asset to your business.

Continuous Training

A quality LMS will offer continuous training to you and your team, ensuring that you are making the best use of the software. This may include introductory webinars, on the ground training every time they introduce a new feature and refresher training sessions. If you experience problems integrating the software into your day-to-day operations, you need a landscape management software provider that is willing to meet your team and provide them with the necessary assistance.

Software Integration

The most stressful part of introducing technology into your landscaping business is working with multiple applications to manage separate aspects of the business. This may include separate software or applications for labor management, accounting, administrative tasks, resource management, scheduling, and payroll management, creating a real headache in the day-to-day operations of your business.
You need a landscape management software that simply integrates all the functions of your business into a single platform everyone can access. This improves sharing of information and decision-making, making it easier for you to run the business efficiently.

Business Planning and Forecasting

The growth and future success of your business depend on your ability to plan and forecast accurately. When you have all your information in one place, you can start tracking different trends and forecasting to meet your business profit goals. A quality landscape management software that caters to the needs of your business provides you with the in-depth analysis you need to make decisions that help you boost your profits later on.
You improve the accuracy of your decision-making process and build a system that helps you become better at planning for the growth of your landscaping business. You also have a better platform to encourage your team to share ideas that can improve and grow your business.


Improving efficiency boosts profitability in a landscaping business. You need to move away from working with a pile of paperwork and system bottlenecks that slow down operations and upgrade to a landscape management software that provides the solutions you need. A landscaping business is always ‘on the go’ both realistically and figuratively; it is hard to get everyone on the team in one place at the same time. However, you still need to communicate with everyone and get real-time updates on every ongoing contract.
An LMS that integrates into different mobile devices makes information sharing between different teams easy, helping you manage multiple groups of employees more efficiently. You can monitor labor allocation, material usage and equipment management from one device, and make better business decisions.

Customer Support

An LMS will provide the solutions you need; however, you need a team behind the software that is willing to help you get familiar with the software and offer you support services when things go wrong. Good customer care begins before you buy the software; you need to look for a landscape management software team that is willing to customize the software to your unique business needs and offer you the solutions you need to grow.


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