Reports Are A Must Have Feature in Your Landscape Software

Why Reports are a Great Feature in Landscape Management Software ProfitLion

A growing landscaping business relies a lot on planning and organization as much as it does on the physical labor.

Everything that goes on behind the scenes depends on the smooth running of the landscape management software.

The software collects and compiles data that simplifies inter-departmental reporting within the company. It also gives you access to data you can use while planning and strategizing for the future.

Data Collection

Proper reporting begins with data collection; while using landscape management software, you reduce redundancy in data collection for transactions such as invoices, estimates, work orders and contact information.

The LMS integrates all your transactions thus you only enter the information once.

The software also makes communication between departments within the company easy; once you enter data, it becomes instantly accessible to everyone in the company.

Real-Time Access to Data

Since most landscape management software is cloud-based, you have access to real-time information. You can identify problems on your mobile device and address them before they escalate.

Real-time data gives you the luxury of working offline; you can access reports on a daily basis even when you cannot visit the office and make important decisions on the go. You also reduce the number of runs you and your staff have to make to the office, saving company time.

Inter-Departmental Reporting

Landscape management software comes with built-in workflow to link and coordinate people from various departments with information instantly.

This reduces the conflict between different teams allowing for more action.

Cost Saving

An LMS integrates all your data into one space making it easy for you to write reports and manage database queries.

With little training, you can prepare professional reports within the company without consulting external IT experts, allowing you to save money and improve your bottom line.

Customer Feedback

The best LMS in the market allows you to collect and classify customer feedback, which you can use to improve service delivery for your business. Traditional systems rely on paper, which is highly susceptible to loss and damage.

Through LMS reporting, all the feedback goes into a central system, where you can all access it and make decisions on what needs to stay and what needs to change.

Market Trends

Reports help you identify trends in the market, improving the decision-making process.

Today, industry leaders rise to the top by anticipating customer needs and creating solutions before their competitors.

Once you have access to reports that track customer behavior and allow continuous communication with clients, you can start creating innovative solutions for your market.

You even have an opportunity to involve your target market in the creation of these solutions. This will give you an edge and help you stay above your competitors

The Bottom Line

A growing landscape business must constantly worry about the bottom line.

While working to provide quality services to your customers and a good workplace for your staff, you may not have time to go through your books and identify opportunities to improve the bottom line.

An LMS gives you access to the reports you need on the go, allowing you to identify cost-cutting opportunities before they affect your profits. You are also in a better position to identify opportunities for you to grow your business.

A cloud-based landscape management solution gives you access to multiple solutions for your business. You have access to reports and bid data for better decision making.

Profitlion allows you to customize your reporting so you only have to concentrate on the data you need at the moment. Contact us today to learn more about how ProfitLion can help you forecast projections for your landscape company.