Save Money with Route Optimization in Your LMS

Save Money with Route Optimization in Your LMS
Timely delivery of services in the landscaping business requires you to spend a substantial amount of time on the road transporting your workers, equipment, and materials. Some of the challenges you will face while on the move include unexpected traffic jams, road closures and in-experienced drivers using the wrong routes.

These challenges are quite common in the landscaping business and make it hard for you to make as much money as you should on every contract. You need a solution and your landscape management software (LMS) can help!

The Relationship between Route Optimization and Profits

Delays that affect your movement cost you money; however, this is more than just a statement. It is important that you understand the implications poor routing can have on your business on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you have a van transporting a crew of 10 people, each at approximately $25 an hour, a 2-hour traffic delay can cost you up to $500 a day. If this happens at least once a week, you might be losing up to $2,000 a month and $24,000 annually; just imagine what you could do for your business with that money. If you add up fuel costs, and the time lost that the crew would spend doing actual work, you start counting losses.

Route Optimization Software

An LMS that offers superior routing solutions is an invaluable investment to your landscaping business. It allows you to choose the most optimal route for your drivers and to allocate work to your crew depending on their proximity to the location of the client. With a landscape management software that has a route optimization feature, you can collect data on the quickest routes regardless of the stops driver make per trip and use the information to plan your work more efficiently. There are several advantages to using routing software in your landscaping business:

Support Drivers

Delays in the movement of crew, equipment, and material for your landscaping business can occur when drivers experience challenges along the route. Through the routing feature in your LMS, you can get real-time updates from all your drivers and give them the support they need. For example, if a driver makes an unscheduled stop due to mechanical challenges, you can send them a mechanic immediately and reduce the downtime significantly. It also facilitates better communication between you, your crew and your drivers, allowing you to run your operations more efficiently.

Digitization of Route Tasks

Some of the tasks your crew performs on the move can cost your landscaping business time and money, for example, when drivers have to fill in pick up or delivery slips. Drivers can sign in easily once they collect or deliver goods without having to feed the client information afresh at every stop, as with traditional paper slips. Routing software integrated into your LMS allows for a better exchange of information between different functions.

Route Planning

Route optimization helps you plan your movement from one workstation to the other more efficiently. Once you confirm a job and feed it into the LMS, you receive all the routing information required to make the job a success. For example, you get alerts on the crewmembers living closest to the job location or expected road closure on the scheduled working days. This information can help you prepare your team early and dispatch your finances accordingly. Gradually, your routing data can help you estimate profits and plan for growth and expansion.

Grow Your Business

Routing software in your landscaping business improves efficiency and saves you time, helping you grow your bottom line significantly. A landscape management software like ProfitLion features a superior routing function that caters to the needs of your landscaping business. Contact us today to learn how ProfitLion can help grow your landscape business.