Save Headaches with Landscape Management Software

Save Headaches with Landscape Management Software

As a landscape business owner, you are responsible for pretty much everything. Landscapers must manage the schedules of on-going maintenance, seasonal specialty care, and design services for new clients.

Landscaping business owners also manage payment and service schedules for their clients, file and send invoices, and manage tax, insurance, and licensing, as well as keep track and maintain all their expensive equipment. Phew.  You’ve got a lot on your plate.  You need a better way to organize your business. You need a robust landscape management software that can help coordinate and manage your day.


Keep track of all your customers in one place. Different customers have varying schedules too. Don’t forget invoices either, as a missed invoice on your schedule can mean a missed payment. Add this all to a schedule that will auto-remind you by using some handy software. No more missing paperwork and estimates lost in the back of your truck. Everything can be organized in one online location.

Inventory Management

How much mulch do you need for customer A? What is the maintenance schedule for your equipment? Luckily, there’s an app for that.  By inputting the measurements for your business, you can see and forecast exactly how much product to buy and how many pieces of equipment might be used for a job and the ongoing hours logged. Your landscape management software shouldn’t be a one size fits all.  Whether you do $100,000 in business or 1.5 million, an organized inventory management system can take you to the next level in terms of your book of business.


Landscaping can require a large number of tools, rentals, and labor to create the beautiful landscapes. Figure out where everyone is at in real-time. Use technology to help you route efficiently sending crews and equipment from one job to the next. Save time, money and most importantly, keep your customers happy, by getting your crews to jobs faster.


You ever look at a new LMS and say to yourself “Nope.”? Using your landscape management software shouldn’t be hard!  Your landscape management software should work for you, the way you need it to work for your business. A custom solution that meets the unique needs of your business, isn’t unattainable.  An affordable, workable solution to your landscape management headaches, could be at your fingertips in a desktop version and in your hands on your mobile device. Your LMS should do what you want, when you want, where you want.


The best landscape business owners aren’t sitting indoors at a desk, and you shouldn’t either. Give yourself the ability to review invoices, teams, tools, plants, and schedules all in one place with a landscape management app that goes wherever you do. A robust platform that can easily transition from desktop to mobile and have multiple users and logins all keeping your entire organization in one place can equal maximum broad picture results.
You already work hard. Make life a little easier. Embrace technology, and organize your business. ProfitLion is a landscape management software solution that integrates your business together.  See your entire business in one place. If you’re interested in learning more about the best Landscape Management Software for your landscape business, contact ProfitLion today!