Arvind Handu

Director of Technology


Briefly, describe where were you before ProfitLion?

Before ProfitLion, I managed a successful data analytics firm in Pittsburgh. I was responsible for managing over 150 client implementations of analytics and business intelligence applications.

How did you get involved with ProfitLion?

Working with some of the clients in the Landscaping Industry, we discovered opportunities to address broad range problems for our clients in tracking and managing utilization and managing services agreements.

What do you do at ProfitLion?

I’m responsible for working closely with our product owners and client managers to help set the technology direction and product roadmap for our clients.

Why do you think landscape owners should use ProfitLion’s software?

PROFITS. ProfitLion offers small and medium size landscape contractors the same tracking and decision making tools that have been in place at larger companies. This allows small and medium sized businesses to provide more/ better service at a higher profit

What do you think is the hidden gem on the ProfitLion platform?

Effective Intelligence Thinking. ProfitLion takes away hesitation and guesswork away and provides a step by step guide to successfully manage your landscaping business modeled after the best practices already in place at some of the best run businesses in the country