Chris Speen

Director of Sales

Briefly, describe where were you before ProfitLion?

Owner of Twin Oaks Landscape Inc. A full-service landscape provider in Ann Arbor MI.

How did you get involved with ProfitLion?

Teamed up with Steve Bach to help create our own CRM system that goes well beyond the typical system. This system is created by Landscapers.

What do you do at ProfitLion?

I help connect landscape owners to ProfitLion solutions.  You could say I’m in sales, but I’m a people person and I like meeting people where they are to help them find the right fit for their business.  I’m a business owner myself, so I speak the same language and know the same pain points a landscape owner has.

Why do you think landscape owners should use ProfitLion’s software?

Profit Lion is the most in-depth way to measure your business. Not only can you forecast, you can actually measure in real time. This will allow you to make key decisions daily and a better understanding of how to satisfy future needs based on data.

What do you think is the hidden gem on the ProfitLion platform?

I don’t think there is one thing. By having all this data at your fingertips it allows the business owner and the team to better understand each team members role and how it all comes together. Profit Lion will allow a company and its employees a complete understanding of how to make their business win. This will create a culture your team has never seen before.