Dirk Bakhuyzen III

Director of Operations

Briefly, describe where were you before ProfitLion?

I have been in the landscape industry for most my working career. I have worked in our family business Procare Landscape Managment Inc. and Chop Tree Service for most my career and I am currently acting president of both companies.

How did you get involved with ProfitLion?

Working with a CRM system for the better part of 8+ years I have been exposed to the great things it can do as well as some of the challenges or limitations it can have. When we wanted a more customized system for our landscape company Steve asked me to get involved. I have been working with ProfitLion since the beginning.

What do you do at ProfitLion?

My role is director of operations. In my role, I am integral to the onboarding process and success of our clients. My role really includes leading a team that can deliver on those two things.

Why do you think landscape owners should use ProfitLion’s software?

ProfitLion ties so many of the activities we as landscape business owners do daily and brings them together for a complete picture. It allows the management team of the landscape company to make business decisions based on the actual data it has right in front of them. ProfitLion gives an owner a way to see the progress of the company in real time and hold everyone accountable to it.

What do you think is the hidden gem on the ProfitLion platform?

A financial plan that can be quickly accessed and utilized based on the CRM data in ProfitLion.