Jay Nurney

Product Advisor

Briefly, describe where were you before ProfitLion?

Owner of Nurney Landscape & Design, Inc.

How did you get involved with ProfitLion?

Worked with Steve Bach as my business coach and was introduced to the company by him.

Why do you think landscape owners should use ProfitLion’s software?

It streamlines the entire client selling process from introductions to estimating to the completed sale keeping the entire sales team working together.   At any time any member of the management team can look at ProfitLion to see where we are in leads & completed sales.  It holds us all accountable to the sales plan to ensure we hit our target.  Without any way to keep score, how do you know if you are winning?

What do you think is the hidden gem on the ProfitLion platform?  

The hidden gem is the ability to track what has been sold to ensure efficient & profitable productivity by the installation & maintenance teams.