Jonathan Bach

Managing Director

Briefly, describe where were you before ProfitLion?

I have been in corporate America working in management for just about 10 years.

How did you get involved with ProfitLion?

I have had a passion for landscaping ever since I was younger. I would mow lawns as a kid and landscaping quickly became my passion. I have helped our team in all aspects of the Landscaping Industry. Since this is my passion this was an easy transition.

What do you do at ProfitLion?

I run the company’s day to day operations. I ensure that all departments are performing and efficiently working together.

Why do you think landscape owners should use ProfitLion’s software?

Landscapers should use ProfitLion because it is a one-stop shop for all of their business needs. The system ensures that landscapers are pricing every job correctly and ensures that every job that leaves the shop is profitable. You can then track each job and once they are complete you can report on them to ensure profitability.

What do you think is the hidden gem on the ProfitLion platform?

I think the hidden gem of Profit Lion is the tracking and reporting. Others out there can track but “what are they tracking against”? Wouldn’t it nice to be able to view how profitable your job was in real time?