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Daily Challenges:

Organization. We had tons of spreadsheets, but they were all separate and not integrated. We used different applications, note-taking software but none spoke to each other, nothing interacted. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the business. We really wanted to bring all data into one area for informational feedback.

We’ve been in business for 32 years. One of the biggest problems we face is there is a lot of software that do a few good things, but none of them do everything. We were tired of using these different applications. None of them spoke to each other. There was no integration. We needed customer management software AND business reports. We needed forecasting AND materials management.

Nothing did everything. ProfitLion was only one that put everything in one place for our business.

When You First Started Using ProfitLion, Initial Thoughts?Heffner Landscape: I can't Live Without Profitlion

This was everything I ever wanted in a CRM. Finally, I’m able to do everything I need, all in one place.

Our top priority when we first started using ProfitLion was getting our employees on board. Employees resist change. To combat this we provided a lot of training initially for our employees. It was important for us to be clear and have a clear message. We were going to use this new system and the old way of piecemealing several fragmented systems together was over.

No system will work unless you get everyone on board. I think the additional training we did with our staff really helped them see the benefits of the ProfitLion management system. Now, our business can’t live without it.

We often travel for work, but because of ProfitLion, I can see how my crews are doing and what jobs they are on. ProfitLion helps put us all on the same page without missing a beat.

How Did ProfitLion Help Your Business?

We grew 80%. Ok, technically it was 79.6%, but it’s close enough to 80% that we rounded up. I couldn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. We got organized and now have a clearer picture of the business, which helps us see exactly where we are.

Our success was due to the ProfitLion system. By having everything in place we could really key in on our profit margin and do a better job at estimating to increase our profits. I’ve been in business for over 30 years. I know how to bid a job, but I had never seen the actual physical cost. Our previous system was fragmented into a couple different programs. Materials in one excel file, our labor in our payroll application, none of these programs were able to integrate with each other.

Using ProfitLion, we set up and keyed in on our production rates and consumable materials, all in one application. Now, I knew exactly how much I made per job. We now know how efficient we are or need to be and know the profit margin we need to stay in to be more successful. This also helps us in our estimates and helped us become more cost efficient for our customers.

We do about 500,000 in sales, peanuts compared to Fortune 500 companies. However, using ProfitLion, I now have the same capabilities for forecasting and integration that they use.

For A Business Considering ProfitLion:

This will change your business. This one software will give you a complete picture of your business. Instead of looking at several different applications that don’t talk to one another, you’ll be able to see a clear picture of your business. If you want to take hold of your business, this is the way to do it.

Look, this software is not going to make you better at cutting grass. I know how to cut grass. Instead, this software will make you more profitable and you will see the clear profit margins in order to be successful in your business.