The Differences Between A General CRM and Industry Specific LMS

The Differences between a General CRM and Industry Specific LMS ProfitLion

Once you decide to invest in management software for your landscaping business, you will come across different options in the market. Some developers will offer a general Customer Relationship Management, or CRM you can customize to your needs while others will offer an industry-specific Landscape Management Software (LMS). While both software offer services and solution that are quite similar, they are quite different in their application to your business.

Software Features

General CRMs offer features that cater to general business needs; if you choose one for your business, you will have to spend time customizing it to your unique landscaping needs. Often, general CRMs have several features you may never use for your landscaping business, which makes them more expensive than their industry-specific counterparts. On the other hand, an industry-specific landscape management software offers features specific to your business needs. While it may have fewer features, you will often find yourself making use of all or most of the features. Additionally, starting out with software that already caters to your landscaping needs means you will spend little time customizing it to your business. You will also enjoy updates and improvements you can use on a daily basis as the developers rely on feedback from business’ that face challenges similar to yours.

Ease of Use

Often, you will find that landscape management software comes ready to use right out of the box. The LMS will have features that make use of industry-specific terms you can easily follow. In a growing landscape business, this can help you save time and money you would otherwise spend on training your team on how to use the software. Since general CRMs cater to businesses in different industries, you must spend time choosing the features you need and learning how to navigate the software. This means that you must continually spend resources to ensure that new staff members learn the basics of the CRM.

Meaningful Support

The support you receive from your software developer influences the smooth running of your business and can affect your bottom line. General CRMs often focus on general solutions, without any specific focus on your business’ needs. While they may respond quickly to problems and offer excellent solutions, they cannot always offer the solutions you need for your landscaping business. On the flipside, landscape management software developers invest time and resources understanding challenges landscapers undergo to offer you the solutions you need. Often, you will even find a landscaping expert working behind the scene to test out different features and give you the best support possible.


In most cases, general CRMs are more affordable than landscape management software; the developer focuses on a general audience and is likely to sell more units at a lower price to remain financially sustainable. However, working to customize the general CRM to your landscaping business will cost you time and money. Every feature you request comes at an extra price: if the company does not have it, they may have to develop it for you, which pushes the price up. An industry-specific landscape management software comes with features you already need, even if you choose to stick with the general version. Customizing the software to your needs is easier as they already have features other landscapers are using; it is very rare that you will request a service or feature they do not already offer. Additionally, LMS developers already have an investment in the industry and will willingly invest their resources to offer you a business solution, as they can easily scale the solution and sell it to other business.

Your Choice

Both general CRMs and LMS offer solutions that can help improve efficiency in your business. However, your landscape business needs a developer such as Profitlion who has interest in the sector and is willing to invest their resources in offering industry-specific solutions.