What is a CRM and Why Do I Need an Industry Specific One?

What is a CRM and Why Do I Need an Industry Specific One?

The term CRM refers to customer relationship manager, a technology that helps you manage your interactions and relationships with customers and other stakeholders in the business. A CRM helps your business connect with customers, improve efficiency and become more profitable.

Introducing a CRM solution to your landscaping business helps you focus on your relationships with your clients, employees, and suppliers throughout the lifecycle of your interaction with them, with additional benefits such as helping you find new leads, win new business and improve your professional relationships.
In the development of CRM solutions for different businesses, there are high-end, big-name developers who offer multi-industry software and smaller industry-specific developers who focus on the needs of a single sector.
As a business owner, you may find yourself having a hard time choosing between a CRM that caters to multiple businesses versus an industry-specific CRM. Before investing your money and creating a relationship with a developer, you need to understand the benefits of an industry-specific CRM to your landscaping business called landscape management software or LMS. Both a CRM and LMS are similar in nature, however, a landscape management software might be the better solution for your landscape company.

Easy Integration

While the universal CRM brands offer a lot of customizable option, choosing an industry-specific CRM means finding something that’s already made to fit the needs of your industry, with in-built features familiar with your industry.
The CRM also comes with features in a language you are familiar with since it is strictly for the landscaping business, it will center its most prominent features on things you and your team already know and use.


Since industry-specific CRMs have a single focus, they invest their time and resources into understanding the businesses they serve. This means that the development team will always have someone who has worked in landscaping to help them understand the challenges of the industry, the language they use to describe different functions and the solutions industry practitioners will appreciate. This means that as a landscape business owner, you will get a CRM that already understands your needs, and has the features you want.

Customized Dashboard

A universal CRM will feature a dashboard that tries to cater to a multitude of business needs, which can create confusion in your landscaping business, especially if you are trying to improve efficiency in your operations. However, with an industry-specific CRM, you have a dashboard that is specific to your needs, with features that are applicable to your business.
Customization is also easier since most of the features are familiar, thus you can pick what you need without having to feel confused by the sales pitch. The dashboard also makes it simple for you to get all the information you need at your fingertips.

Custom Solutions

Every industry has its unique set of problems and challenges that a universal CRM cannot resolve satisfactorily. For example, a landscaping software needs routing services and labor management features unlike a legal software, which will track billable hours differently. Instead of starting with a general CRM, it’s easier to start with a software that already caters to your needs.
Specialization in a specific industry also gives the developers room to introduce better features faster. Since every customer is in the same industry, they can duplicate solutions and even introduce you to superior solutions in anticipation of future problems in your business.

Find the Right CRM with an LMS

While looking for a CRM, focus on landscaping management software, or LMS. An LMS like ProfitLion provides solutions that improve communication within the business, daily operations, efficiency and even profitability for landscaping businesses looking to grow.