Why not All Landscape Management Systems Are Created Equal

Not All Landscape Management Systems are Created Equal

Landscape management systems play a central role in the day-to-day running of your business. In a growing landscape business, your management system serves your marketing, accounting and customer service departments. Landscape management software allows different members of your team to work on the same system simultaneously, with access to the same source of information. Changes to date in the system become accessible to everyone immediately.

In choosing a landscape management software, you need to analyze all offers in the market carefully. You are making an investment that will affect your businesses for at least a year or more before you can switch systems, which is another expense altogether. While most landscape management systems offer the same core functionality and addressing specific challenges in the industry, every feature offers variables you can choose to find one that works best for your business.

You must understand your business needs and objectives for the system, which allows you to analyze and compare different options before you can settle on the most suitable system for your landscaping business.  

Focus on Multiple Departments

A large number of landscape management systems in the market offer a single package that caters to all aspects of your business. If you want a system that you can use in every aspect of your business, make sure you have someone from each department to help you decide the best features for the system. Each representative must communicate their needs, and share on the functionality they need on the system to make sure you get the best software for your business. This way, you can avoid getting sidetracked by cool features that do not meet your unique business needs.

Business Specific Need

Many landscape management systems in the market focus on general features that apply to a large variety of landscaping businesses. Fortunately, you can now get a landscape management system that is specific to your business, with features that address your unique needs. Always spend time with your system provider to understand how the features they provide meet your unique landscaping needs at a micro level.

If you have special aspects of your business you would like to include in the system, avoid a generic industry tool. Instead, look for a system provider who specializes in building customs systems for landscaping businesses. This will also help you avoid hidden costs or features that slow down your system.

Value Addition

In addition to the features you ask for in your requirements, you are likely to get other features that can help streamline your business. These add-ons differentiate good and quality systems. Additionally, the system must integrate with other systems you have in the business.

The best landscape management systems focus on your needs, offering flexible features you can customize to suit your business. Make sure you get a system that is specific to your needs, easy to use and requires minimal training such as ProfitLion.