What is Landscape Management Software?

Business management software is a financial management product. However, landscape management software is designed specifically for landscaping companies. The software may include day to day book keeping, equipment management, labor force management, and sales information.

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Not currently using Landscape Management Software?

Boxes of paper files and excel spreadsheets? You need a better way. You’ve outgrown your current business management “solution”. ProfitLion can assist you by providing the tools you need to get an overall picture of your business. Go virtually paperless and store all your files in one place. From reporting to day to day management of crews and scheduling, it puts your business snapshot in front of you.

Struggling with your current Landscape Management Software solution?

If you are piecemealing your day to day operations using several different applications that don’t talk to one another, you need a better way. Are you looking to start forecasting your current budget and profitability? ProfitLion is the landscape management software you need for your business. Start tracking trends and forecasting to meet your profit goals. With ProfitLion’s detailed reporting interface, you can see your business in action and make decisions now that will boost your overall profits down the line.

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See your business all in one place

Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or ready to take your landscaping business to the next level, ProfitLion is the landscape management software that will make your business goals a reality.

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