Winter Is The Best Time To Implement A New Landscape Management Software

Winter Is The Best Time To Impliment A New Landscape Management Software

Implementing the use of a landscape management system (LMS) can seem like a daunting task. It need not be so, however, if you do it at the right time of the year. In particular, landscaping companies see significant downtime during the winter months and this allows an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the LMS and to teach your employees about the systems. Here is why:

There is a more extended implementation time

For fairly obvious reasons, a landscape company will not usually have as much to do – in terms of maintenance, planting, and other practical working needs – as they do during the other three seasons of the year. In fact, most landscaping companies essentially shut down for the coldest months of the year. That is, winter is the “downtime” for a landscape company. For this single reason, it is the ideal time for the owner or manager of a landscape company introduce and implement new technologies such as an LMS and simultaneously train the staff to use it.

Employees can be more learning focused

For better or worse, your staff must always concentrate their efforts on the needs of your current customers – or you will no longer have a thriving business. Still, during the winter months, without the constant interruption of customers, provide you and your staff an opportunity to concentrate on other business-related activities such as the task of learning the “ins and outs” of n LMS before the beginning of the next “busy” season.

There are fewer immediate client concerns

During the winter season, there are decidedly fewer customer “emergencies” that must be dealt with in as short a time period as possible. People simply do not have as many outdoor events in winter as they do in the other three seasons of the year. This means that your staff can devote a significantly larger amount of time to learning the software while still sufficiently catering to current customer needs

It frees up much of your own time

Let’s face it. As a good employer, you realize and dedicate to the fact that you must keep good employees on the payroll. The implementation – and the probable learning curve – are an excellent way to take your business to the next level while also rewarding the loyalty of your most valuable employees. It also allows you to focus on some of the more pressing issues involved with the business while not just making “busy work.”

It is also more affordable

Supply and demand, right? During the busy summer months, the purveyors of LMS platforms are inundated with requests for their services. As such, they can demand top dollar to deliver. In winter, however, demand is most likely to be down. Take advantage of this opportunity. Not only will you save some money but you will also obtain a significantly better amount of customer support. After all, your vendors are experiencing the same downturn is his business as are you.

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