You Need a Mobile App for Your Landscape Management Software

You Need a Mobile App for Your Landscape Management Software ProfitLion

Almost by definition, a landscape company is always “on the go.”

This fact means multiple trucks and work crews at various destinations around town and an owner who often needs to be in two places at once.

While we cannot help you with the latter, we can  with the help of modern app technology  allow you to more efficiently leverage your travel time between job sites.

Here’s how:

React More Rapidly

When you are out on the road, it is hard to know exactly what materials you still have in stock.

With the right app, you can almost instantly ascertain what materials are in the warehouse and what needs to be purchased – and you can usually do the ordering right from the app.

The app can also help determine if any customer requested materials are out of stock.

A Simplified Paper Trail

Anyone like paperwork? We didn’t think so. Mobile apps can archive the entire paper trail of any materials transaction – from ordering through delivery to billing – in “the cloud.”

These records can be then be printed out later if needed or accessed on the fly at the job site or with the customer.

It is not only convenient, it is seriously more efficient than the traditional methods of record keeping.

Scheduling Made Easy

Knowing what materials are on hand and when others are going to be delivered means that the manager or owner of a landscape company can make a more informed decision about how to deploy his work crews.

The right mobile app can keep you abreast of these facts – for example, when a delivery will be made – and also allow you to divert a work crew if their needed materials will be delayed.

Lowered Inventory Costs

A mobile app heightens your ability to order “just in time.”

Primarily, this fact means that you will have lower carrying costs on your inventory – a not insignificant consideration.

Secondly, lessened amounts of materials mean a lower need for storage space which again can yield some significant savings.

Finally, excess inventory can be disposed of  presumably at a slightly discounted price – to customers simply because you know you have it. It is a win-win situation.

The Big Picture

The real power of a mobile landscaping management software is not in the details but in the way it can describe your business in an overall sense.

There are always competing priorities in a business and a good app can help you prioritize them to best effect. In short, instant access to relevant information is key to running a successful landscaping business and a mobile app gives you that access.

Landscape management software may not be for everyone but it does deliver a decided advantage in this particular industry. For more information on finding the right app to aid in the management of your landscape company, please contact us at ProfitLion.

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